• Brand New Ranking System
  • Better Organizational Prefixes

New Ranking System

Rank System

This system is very similar to other RPG games in the sense that you'll have different objectives that give XP for different levels and prestige.

The current prestige system, starting at Prestige 0, is:

  • F
  • D
  • C
  • B
  • A
  • S

With S being the highest possible, each prestige has 50 levels, except prestige S, which is the final prestige.

Double XP events will be held shortly.

Better Prefixes

  • To showcase these fancy ranks, new chat prefixes are going with it!

  • We've obliterated the shop titles, but don't worry, we've refunded all the titles, and there's still name and chat colors.

  • Now donors get better recognition through their rank prefixes!

Available prefixes are:

Next Update (Sneak Peak)

  • A reward system! Rank grinding can finally be rewarding

  • Magical MvM! An enhanced version of MvM incorporating our new class system

Reporting Bugs

If you were to discover any unintentional "features," please report it to us using methods below


As some of you may know, we have recently moved our server location from Beauharnois Canada to Atlanta Georgia. We're hoping this will resolve many latency issue players were facing.

IP Change


  • 📡 Dodgeball #1 (Redux)

  • 📡 Dodgeball #3 (No Bounce)


  • We are on the final stage of beta testing the new ranking system, be prepared for a rank reset this summer.

  • If you find any bug, please report it directly to the staff team.

  • It may take up 24 hours for the DNS to propagate globally, you may use the IP if DNS does not work.

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